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Our favourite countries for destination weddings are France and Italy, not only for better weather but also for the incredible array of venues to suit all tastes. Italy has many locations for the perfect backdrop to your wedding. Tuscany for the view and traditional venues, Lake Como for its exclusivity and prestige, and Amalfi Coast for the Mediterranean views. Likewise, the South of France is perfect for great weather, the wine region of Provence, and many famous Chateau. 

We have been International Event Planners for over 15 years. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe hosting celebrations and the most glamorous, historic and famous properties the world has to offer. We feel truly privileged that our clients put their trust in us to create spectacular, never-been-seen before events. Most couples opt for three day wedding celebrations since their family and friends are travelling from afar. The celebrations usually start with a Welcome Dinner, the Wedding Day, and a Farewell Brunch.

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