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Note - I always protect the identities of my clients when they request, so for this blog I won’t be showing any imagery of the couple or mentioning their names.

Date nights and anniversaries are always fun. It’s great to see how creative people get for their partner. Weddings, birthdays and monumental anniversaries are occasions that encourage people to get really creative with and have larger budgets for, but for a date night, or a 4 year anniversary like this one, it’s a little rarer, so it is always amazing when you pull off a huge romantic surprise.

Our client wanted a private dining experience that oozed romance with a beautiful view of the city of London for him and his partner to celebrate their fourth anniversary together, on just 3 days notice.

We chose the Shangri-la at the Shard for it’s 5 star luxury and unrivalled views of London.

The client wanted flowers, and A LOT of them, with thousands of flowers in the couples favourite colour of red filling the room for a truly romantic celebration.

We asked our good friends at Amie Bone Flowers to help create the WOW factor for this dreamy date night, and look what they turned around with a few days notice…..incredible.

The rest of the room was decorated with antique lanterns, candles and a number 4 light-up sign for a truly magical four year anniversary celebration. The couple then celebrated with champagne in the comfort of their own private room overlooking the London skyline.

Congratulations to my wonderful clients.

Daisy x


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