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As always, we protect the identities of our clients when they request it. This blog will not show any identifiable or personalised pictures or details.

A beautiful and easy drive outside of Nice and Monaco and located on a cliff in the medieval village of Èze, in the dreamy South of France, is one of the most romantic hotels you will find in all of France and Monaco, Château de La Chèvre d'Or.

La Chèvre d’Or has 43 rooms and suites, with a Michelin-starred dining experience from their Head chef Arnaud Faye, and gives luxurious views of the neighboring Cap Ferrat, with its waters harbouring the superyachts of the rich and famous.

So, it’s no surprise that A-listers the world over, from Barack Obama to Bono, have chosen to visit Château de La Chèvre d'Or while visiting the French Riviera. According to the Château's own website, Walt Disney even had a hand in creating this magical French getaway.

With the exclusivity of the location we knew we had to deliver something truly special for this anniversary. We hired a luxury yacht for our two clients, and their four guests, to travel in style along the Mediterranean Sea complete with fun activities to while away the sun drenched days.

On the evening of the anniversary, we picked the group up in a Rolls Royce and drove them up the stunning cliffs to the very top for dinner. The clients were greeted to private use of the grounds and dinner on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. The setting was completed by the most enchanting flowers designed by the wonderful Mara Ferris. We wanted to incorporate the clients favourite flowers, colours and the summer month into a vibrant installation.

After dinner the group were serenaded by a 'special artist' to perform the couples favourite song as they danced under the stars in their private haven.

We absolutely loved planning this beautiful event, and it’s clear to see why this retreat is considered one of the most romantic destinations along the French Riviera for engagements, anniversaries and intimate weddings.


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