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As always, we protect the identities of our clients when they request it, so for this blog we haven't shown any imagery of the clients and guests, or mentioned any of their names.

Our gorgeous clients are both from London, and have worked their entire lives in the capital city, so we wanted something iconic in the city that they had never done before. - Exclusive hire of the iconic London Eye.

This was not our first event with this couple, and after a thorough consultation again this time round, the London Eye was the perfect choice for their five year anniversary celebrations.

This wasn't just any London Eye event though, as we hired the ENTIRE London Eye.

We've hired a pod at the London Eye hundreds of times for romantic events for two, but never the entire Eye!

We were in fact told that we were the first to hire the London Eye for just two people, which if true is amazing. Normally the London Eye is reserved for corporate events and parties, and each pod can hold up to 25 people, but this romantic event was just the couple and their waiter.

Their very own private pod was styled with the theme of a romantic and elegant night time look and feel. The colours we used were red, black and gold, which ran throughout the theme with bespoke gold and black cutlery, red roses and black fur rugs.

Red roses are our private clients favourite flower, so hundreds of roses were added to the decoration of the private pod. The flowers were all supplied by one of our favourite florists Larry Walshe. He understood our clients vision, and executed on it perfectly from start to finish.

Just look at the initial concept Larry helped us to create below, and how it looked on the day!

As the couple walked onto the Eye, they saw a gorgeous custom red 5 supplied by Backdrop Boutique to celebrate their milestone anniversary.

As the London Eye went round, the couple were served a personalised three course meal by a waiter, with a custom menu designed exclusively for them. The food was supplied by our good friends at Rhubarb Foods.

It can get chilly on the London Eye, especially when you're spending two hours at the top, so we lined the pod with black fur rugs for a warm homely feel.

It was amazing to be a part of this magnificent one-of-a-kind event. Congratulations again to our wonderful clients.


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